Q: What hardware is required?

A: RedLine 2018 runs on any Windows machine running Windows 7 or higher.


Q: Do you support drawing with a stylus?

A: Yes! You can use any stylus or mouse or tablet that works with your computer to draw e-ink in RedLine 2018. It is very popular to use a Microsoft Surface so that you get the built-in touch screen and stylus. You can also use any of the Wacom tablets, or Lenovo Yoga laptops are also very popular choices.


Q: Will it work with SOLIDWORKS PDM?

A: Yes! RedLine 2018 has very tight built-in support for SOLIDWORKS PDM, allowing you to view/markup eDrawings from the preview window in PDM, and you can even use the Ink2CAD feature to place the ink inside a revision of the drawing stored in PDM. If you have PDM Professional, there is even an "add-in script" that can enhance your workflows!


Q: Does it really work with OnShape?

A: Yes! RedLine 2018 works with OnShape when run in a browser such as Chrome or IE.


Q: If I create a redline in the free eDrawings viewer, will it be visible when my engineer opens the same file in SOLIDWORKS?

A: Yes! At the core of RedLine 2018 is a proprietary technology called FileWEAVE which automatically links the CAD files together even if they are opened in different software. So you could redline something in SOLIDWORKS and then open it in OnShape, and still see the redline.