Tech Docs writing, a better way.

For technical writers, creating Tech Docs can also be difficult to get to the correct snapshots out of SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD, taking images and photos, and all around getting the correct images for their publications can be a full-time job.

Tech docs.

can take your breath away (literally).

What's more, compiling them all into a report, saving it as a PDF, and leaking it to the engineering file can all take a substantial amount of time. Time which we somehow never get more of in our work day as technical writers.

For people who write technical documentation, many are turning to app for their desktop to help bridge the gap and speed up their work days, put in a few more hours back into the day is something we can all use.

Apps like Redline 2018 help technical documentation by allowing them to take real-time screenshots of any SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD, and they can even view the files in read-only mode so as not to disturb the ongoing engineering.

Redline 2018 will compile a list of images, where you can write over top with notes, add GD&T symbols, or freehand sketch some arrows. You can even add your own symbols and create your custom symbol library which is on your computer, so your symbols will always be available to you for any technical documentation in the future.

When you're done simply click attach, and a PDF documentation will be created for you and attached to the SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD file, so it can always be seen by anyone who opens the engineering file later on. This is a very nice touch because most of the time the people who need the technical documentation access to the CAD files.

With apps like RedLine 2018 around, we might just get an hour or two back in our day, making our weeks just a little bit better.