Shop floor workers turning to "e-ink"

Shop floor workers are an integral part of every manufacturing company - they are the hands that create the parts that get turned into products, that eventually gets old and turned into revenue for the company.

You can never underestimate the value of a shop floor workers, and you can also never underestimate the value of giving your shop floor workers the right tools, especially when it comes to communication.



helps shop floor workers to get their point across back to engineering...

An alarming study suggests that communication between engineering and the shop floor was likely to break down between 10 to 30% of the time, meaning that what engineering wanted to happen didn't get communicated properly to the shop floor.

If you've ever spent any amount of time in either engineering or on the shop floor you'll know these numbers are, if anything, on the low side.

I once was an engineer at a company where the only way I could get anything built correctly was to literally stand on the shop floor next to a person and explain exactly what I wanted. And it was neither of our faults, not the engineer nor the shop floor worker, but it was simply that we lacked the tools to communicate with each other properly.


So what's a shop for worker to do? Many are turning to apps, specifically in engineering apps that allow them to create e-ink markups in real-time of any engineering drawing they see a problem with.


Apps such as RedLine 2018 do just that, allowing shop floor workers whose spot changes or inconsistencies in SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD drawings to mark them up directly on the computer screen using e-ink, then the markups are instantly and automatically sent back to the engineer who created the drawing so he or she can see exactly what the shop for worker found out.

This can literally save hours of back-and-forth communication: and because the markups are purely digital on the computer, there's never a printed document floating around then could get lost, misplaced, or turned into scrap paper.

Information is seamlessly transferred between shop floor back to engineering, like a super highway of knowledge being transferred directly from the shop floor to engineering.

If you work on the shop floor or with anyone on the shop floor manufacturing give RedLine 2018 a try, and I bet within a few days no wonder how you ever managed without it.