QA has a new tool for 2018 - this app.

Parts that leave a manufacturing company often time come back, or parts that come in need to be inspected.

Quality Assurance and inspection and receiving are critical parts of any good manufacturing company, and communicating quality issues back to engineering is vital part of this process.


it starts with good communication.

But paper is often hard to track, requires a lot of time to keep organized, and often sits on the desk of the engineer who you want to get the attention of. And might never get done in the end if they lose the piece of paper.

What's a QA inspector to do?

Many are turning to technology and apps that allow them to mark up SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD drawings with e-ink, and transfer the information directly back engineering. Apps like RedLine 2018 do this beautifully.

If you are inspecting a part, and you see something that needs to be changed, you can simply open up the SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD file on the computer screen and draw with e-ink right on the screen.

Your e-ink markup notes will automatically be transferred back to engineering and link to their SOLIDWORKS or AUTOCAD drawing, so the next time an engineer even open it, your notes will pop up.

This not just saves you time in your already crazy-busy day, but it increases the likelihood that your changes will actually get implemented and reviewed.