Successful Engineering Managers use this App.

Engineering managers have a key responsibility, in keeping their entire team on track, and ensuring that their team communicates with each other, and with their managers. This is becoming an increasingly daunting task each year as teams grow, and time shrinks away.


there's nothing more important.

It's easier said than done to keep an engineering team on track, anyone who's tried will tell you it can be similar to herding cats, each with their own mindset and direction, each with their own preferences and ideas, many are good nonetheless but hard to keep track of.

So what's an engineering manager to do? Many are turning to apps apps to help them, such as Redline 2018.

Having the ability instantly markup any SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD drawing, all 100% digital and on the computer using e-ink, RedLine 2018 is an ideal tool for this type of engineering communication.

And when it comes to reviewing and signing off your teams engineering drawings, doing it all on the computer is ideal.

Not only do you get rid of the stacks of paper on your desk waiting for your review, but you also instantly transfer the markups back to your team members.

It also helps you so you don't have to remember who the markup is for, and with a dashboard so you can easily track the status of your markup so you can even see when the markups have been completed by the engineer.

Seeing it in action is something truly magnificent: an engineering manager makes a markup of a SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD drawing, and then simply waits for a real-time notification when the markups have been completed by the engineer.

This is what many engineering managers have been dreaming of, and thanks to RedLine 2018 now it's not only a possibility but a reality.