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really. really smart.

We don’t usually like to pat ourselves on the back too much, but SmartNotes in RedLine 2018 may just be the smartest way to work yet.

The all-new SmartNotes is filled to the brim with user-requested abilities, such as the ability to translate your note into another language on the fly, and the ability to save your notes as Auto-MarkUps for use later on. These are just a taste of the intelligence we’ve packed into SmartNotes.



You asked, we listened. As one of the most user-requested enhancements, RedLine 2018 introduces a fully dynamic GD&T block creator, which places GD&T symbols at your fingertips with fully customized blocks, add modifiers, dimensions, and callouts. It's easy to use and powerful to say the least.


who? what? when?

Pairing beautifully with its ability to effortlessly create digital redline drawings, RedLine 2018 sports an all-new My RedLines feature. This is essentially a mini project tracker. It neatly displays all the redlines you have made that are still “active”, and once a redline has been signed-off, it displays under your History tab.

You can even enter some personalized notes for each outstanding redline to remind yourself what to do or when it needs to be completed. Notes are a great way to keep your projects on track and are visible only to you.

Having one central hub that displays the status of every redline you have made is nothing short of game-changing for managers and engineers alike.


smart templates.

It's your own personal markup assistant. Just being typing a new SmartNote and Smart Template will auto-complete your text, predict what you're about to type, and even add in your previously drawn ink for you.

This improves speed, and what’s more, it ensures that the correct symbols and words are used to describe the redline as per your company’s standards (which can be easily distributed to your team, to keep them all on on the same page)

With Smart Templates anyone can be a markup genius, and knowledge can be passed from one worker to another to help foster knowledge sharing within your team.