Our team of experts have worked in the engineering industry, we have designed products, and we have experienced the same problems nearly every engineering company around the world experiences today:

How do you communicate effectively with an ever-evolving engineering team?


The answer is what RedLine was founded on, it's our "core belief" as it were. We believe that digital communication is the one and only long-term way of truly connecting people in an engineering workplace.


The answer: e-ink. e-ink unlocks the full potential in your engineering department, letting your team reach their full potential. Faster communication, easier audits, more accountability, just to name a few.


RedLine is founded in the belief that in the next 5 years 90% of engineering companies around the world will want to use e-ink to stay competitive in the ever changing world - and we will be here to help you in your exciting journey.


Our team consists of senior CAD experts who have worked themselves in the engineering design industry, so you can trust we understand how your engineering team works.


From our family to yours, RedLine would like to thank you for visiting our site, we truly hope we can help you become a faster engineering team with our products!


Jacob Schmitz, CEO