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"the award winning add-in for SOLIDWORKS and PDM is better than ever in 2019"

Use e-ink to instantly markup your SOLIDWORKS drawing right on your computer screen, or right inside PDM!

RedLine 2019 is world's #1 freehand sketch and markup add-in for SOLIDWORKS.

RedLine for PDM lets managers and engineers do 100% of their markups and redlineing digitally on their PC, without ever needing to print off a drawing.

It also gives them the ability for e-Sign verification inside workflows, and has built-in audit compliance for both ASME Y14 and ISO 9001 c7.5, and much more.

It's a game changing add-on for PDM that your team will immediately benefit from.

Explore the sections below to learn why so many companies around the world have chosen RedLine for their engineering team.





Hello. I’m RedLine.

Watch this First Look video to see how RedLine for PDM can help your engineering team get connected with e-ink.

Powerful Features.

A look at the powerful, yet easy-to-use, features that make RedLine for PDM a truly game-changing addition to your engineering team.

Let’s get started.

This 3-part Getting Started series helps get you up to speed with RedLine for PDM, from the basics of the UI to the advanced benefits.


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natural freehand

write, scribble, and draw inside the PDM environment

True free hand redlining means you don't have to learn a new system, or tool, you can just begin marking-up drawings, adding notes, in putting your input with zero learning curve. Capture everything with smooth e-ink, RedLine makes marking up a drawing as easy as if it were sitting right in front of you.


fully traceable, 100% audit-safe, signatures.

e-Sign gives managers and supervisors the ability to quickly and naturally sign off on documents from within PDM, using their actual signature. Captured and date time-stamped, and fully version controlled with in PDM, e-sign brings an extra layer of protection and tractability to your document control.

workflow automation

easy setup, advanced benefits to your workflow

Built in PDM workflow integration, lets you get up and running in no time, and able to harness vast benefits of digital freehand redlining, within the secure environment of PDM. Customizable integrations mean that you can tweak Redline to work just the way you need it to within your own Vault setup.

enterprise software

incredible features to take your team higher

True enterprise-level software, gives you a suite of features and benefits at your fingertips. From version specific markups, to intelligent automation, to ASME Y14 and ISO standards built in. RedLine comes out of the box ready to go to take your team to the next level.

massive benefits

huge out-of-the-box benefits

Built-in, out-of-the-box benefits, everything from audit compliance, to productivity and traceability, to e-Sign verification. It's all there, ready to be integrated into your existing PDM system.


Our powerful e-ink technology makes connecting your team's markups together not only possible, but easy.

Without ever having to worry about paper drawings floating around or who's desk they are on, RedLine 2019 allows your engineering team to keep everything digital which means that everybody will get real-time notifications of any markup made to a SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD file.

With a proven time savings of over 90% versus printed paper markups, your team is sure to get more done using RedLine 2019 than staying with paper.

A markup made in SOLIDWORKS will also appear when editing the AutoCAD file, a markup made in NX will also appear when you open the OnShape file.

So you can focus on your engineering, and leave the communication to RedLine 2019.


unified. teamwork.

Many people from shop floor workers to managers in boardroom meetings might need to markup a SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD drawing. RedLine gathers all of their markups under one roof - and with everyone being able to give their two cents, your projects will be more likely to succeed.

everybody has a say.

You can easily see who made a markup, when they created it, and what they named it.

RedLine 2019 allows multiple people to make markups of the same SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD drawing, and cleanly displays them all right in front of you to get the most out of every moment.


comparison matrix

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desktop. laptop. Surface. wacom.

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the feeling of new e-ink.

The new e-ink of RedLine 2019 is more responsive, pressure-sensitive, and fluid movements are brought to life just like you're holding a real red pen.

And because it's 100% electronic, markups made in RedLine 2019 are able to be instantly shared with your entire team without ever pressing the "print" button.

your device.

If you use a desktop, laptop, Microsoft Surface, or Wacom tablet, we've got you covered. With full support for any type of input you have, from mouse & keyboard to stylus and touchscreen. Use RedLine 2019 the way that best suites your business.

your way.

RedLine 2019 was designed for the average person using keyboard + mouse, and makes drawing e-ink a pleasure to use. Want even more freedom, use your stylus on your touchscreen for an even more dynamic markup experience.

truly tablet-friendly.

If you use a Microsoft Surface, Wacom tablet, or Windows 10 touch enabled laptop, you can use RedLine 2019 in full-tablet mode, which adapts to your orientation, lets you use a stylus, and even allows you to jot down notes and GD&T blocks simply by handwriting them for even quicker markups on any tablet.


real savings. time + money.

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more hours in your day.

A printed SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD drawing can consume up to 30 minutes of work time when you go print it off, hand it to your manager, mark it up, receive it back from your manager, search for the associated drawing on your network, and review each page to find what needs to be done.

RedLine 2019 simplifies this entire process, because we understand how engineering departments work. Let RedLine 2019 take care of the logistics and keep your markups digital, so you can concentrate on your work, not on your paperwork.

See a closer view of just how much time your printers could be taking away from your workday with the My Time Calculator below:

RedLine is 90% quicker than paper...

RedLine 2018 offers one thing above all else: more time in your team's workday.

With time savings of up to 90% versus printed SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD drawing markups, you'll literally be putting more time back into your workday.


by the year 2020, will anyone really still be using paper? probably not.


why put up with printer headaches?

If we take a step back, printer's aren't all that great. Waiting for paper jams to clear, sorting through pages that aren't yours, and stacks of old paper on everyone's desks? The truth is: printers use up a substantial chunk of your teams workday. To see how much your team can save use our My Savings Calculator below:


our customers

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